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Boray Frame: Our Story

Draw a Picture of Your Life

Boray Plastik, the foundations of which were laid in 2020, is a new and fresh breath in the industrial plastic injection sector.

Our company, which was founded by a young and dynamic team, which is an entrepreneur's dream and is in pursuit of making this dream come true, first stepped into the market by producing car bodywork for the automotive industry.

From the very beginning, we determined quality, innovation and customer satisfaction as our core values.

Starting with this vision, we went beyond ordinary plastic production and continuously improved our designs and production techniques.

As Boray Frame and Plastic, we initially aimed to produce license plates only, but now we produce our own design frames and further strengthen our competitive position in the market. This expansion supports our goal of providing more value to our customers with our unique and quality products.


Our passion for shaping the future, our mastery of injection molding technologies and innovative

Combined with our approaches, as Boray Plastik, we want to further expand our name in the plastics industry and

We aim to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

While aiming to create a sustainable world in every business we are in, our customers,

We will continue to add value to our employees and society.

With Boray Plastik, we don't just buy a product, but a combination of quality, innovation and sustainability.

you will experience.

Welcome to Boray Plastik. Let's shape the future together.

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